Monday, July 30, 2012

Next stop: Hawaii, there are traveling our bloggers

flowers pants

The bloggers travel to Hawaii, but physically, at least they thought their tropical looks. We bring three fresquitos and superveraniegos looks, three different ways to wear this complicated pattern so chic in dress shirt and pants. Who do you prefer?

Pants Carpet Fashiion swash are often bargain Primark to combine with black garments and give them an elegant touch!

Belen of B * to fashion colors to prefer to leave the bomber type jacket and combine it with a black miniskirt with which lower the pattern. I love the combination with a handbag risque.

tropical bomber

Caraj from Canada choose a dress from Zara to combine with accessories full of color. The good thing about these clothes is that when dealing with a complicated pattern, certainly in sales hold up the final stretch takes to make a pledge of these for 5 or 10 euros! So if you wear only once (at which point the trend will expire), you'll have no regrets.

tropical print dress

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