Monday, July 9, 2012

Operating balance! Seven pieces "of rich" for low cost ladies

What joy and excitement you feel when Henry James himself was alive and he beheld that his Portrait of a Lady is full force in the century XXI . And is that women are the ones we have looked everywhere on the catwalks around the world, high-born ladies and little old, as Blair Waldorf, full of glamor and retro trend and full touches of modernity. I already showed my classic wardrobe staple for rebates not , go now for the low cost bargain to dress like a real high class lady!

Lady Dresses

The style is ladylike glamor, sophistication and femininity as any. And so I asked myself is it possible to adopt if your wardrobe is not the ladies of high society? Can you be a lady low cost? With this dress from Asos , yes! Want more? Head over to the clothes that you buy before they fly .
Are the highlights of rich diamond, sequins, let alone wear them day in full sun. Asos And again, we find this beautiful dress that seems to be worth more than it costs.
Of rich also look as if they lived in a continual party, in a continuous posh wedding gown with a corresponding and Italian bun. Now we can do better for less and my proposal is this Heaven Promises Dolores now on sale.
And what could be more lady than a peplum? What if we add a brocade? Beautiful dress Zara now for sale online for $ 29.

Skirts but not like crazy

Although the rich do the crazy never lost his composure. I love this skirt Stradivarius that have been removed from sale online but hopefully we can find in their stores.


Finish by the feet, even when the end of the body I will attach great importance, not in vain footwear design. And do it with two models specific to the court of Louis XVI we find in Asos for 60 euros.

Image | Everything beautiful

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