Saturday, July 28, 2012

¿Or Rag & Bone Kate Moss? This new campaign Rag & Bone with 'her'


What does Kate Moss that makes it unique? So I wonder every day when I see her starring in campaigns and fashion campaigns. All my life I've been seeing on the runways, starring in, or covers more juiciest scandals. Is it her beauty? It is strange and has some engaging features. Does your body? Does the combination of all factors? I do not know, really. I only know that the last campaign I like Rag & Bone. And all thanks to her.

Images 'impromptu' street with outfits that I love. Maybe if these same images featuring the other girl would have liked me well (who knows?), But the fact is that the result is more than positive. Yes, they are not original or anything like that but the clothes look like never before. And after all that's what matters, right?


What rating would you give?

Official Website | Rag & Bone
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In Jared | Rag & Bone Autumn-Winter 2011/2012: a trio of luxury

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