Friday, July 27, 2012

Progress in Fall-Winter 2012/2013 by Pull and Bear I like (and lots!)


It never happened to me. I have not started the holidays and I have a burning desire to spend all my clothing budget for next season. I do not know how I do it but every year the same thing happens to me. Does not matter? And seeing more great collections such as Pull and Bear where clothes are cloned mother his sister Zara to a much lower price. Why is that? I'll pass by young people and I'm in for it to save money ... Do you?

And when I say I mean clone items like this denim jacket with shoulder applications. Yes, Zara are the same, but this does not go to 35'99 euros . Much better!


And to mix this fabric I like to use the lace or crochet. Delicate fabrics that feel great with denim. Thus I can imagine me with the jacket and the skirt with ruffles that reminds me (slightly) to the new collection of Isabel Marant. Am I obsessed with it? Yes, is that ...


When I think of late September early October comes to mind those days of transition that is not considered to be warm but teaching leg either. That's why long-sleeved jerseys and fine are the basic wildcard. And if we make a difference we must choose models like this where the fringe and crochet are in one place.


And to finish the shoes. A key part in my day to day and I never get tired of purchasing new models. Holy Devotion is the feel for the shoes, sandals, boots and more. And this fall I intend to get my hands on some loafers, but still do not know what should be. Although I like this option , do you?


What do you think this advance of collection?

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