Monday, July 9, 2012

The sale buy yourself a long skirt

Hoss Intropia skirt Hoss Intropia

One of the trends this summer are long skirts. A very sexy and comfortable clothing you can wear both informally and in the most sophisticated. For a stylish look just ombinarla with other suitable garments and accessories. So take advantage of the rebate and get yourself one.

Zara skirt

When we speak of a long skirt seems that comes to mind the winter, and it is not. A design carved in gauze or tissue does not heat, and best of all, is the ideal garment to conceal the legs that are not yet browned. And if we buy in discounts over the better.

A long skirt trendy Life

It is also a very comfortable garment that can be combined with flat sandals or wedges, in this last case, remarkably stylized. Zara turquoise model is ideal for a casual look. Celebrities and bloggers choose it as a pledge it to their outfits. Rebecca, A Trendy Life prefers pastel undoubtedly the latest fashion.

Mango skirt

Pleated skirts have been the boom of the season and you can combiar with simple cotton shirts with sleeves or French or long sleeve rolled up, as the look that looks in this picture Olivia Palermo. Just perfect!

Olivia Palermo in long skirt

Another option is to choose a more accurate long skirt to attend a wedding later. The body can combine with a smooth flowing and you're pefrceta. The best part? that you can wear over wedding, changing only the body. It's what we like to call wardrobe.

Mango skirt

This skirt is stamped Mango, combined with black, purple or red and supplements in the same tone. A perfect styling.

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