Wednesday, July 25, 2012

¿Sale? What's that? H & M presents its progress Fall-Winter 2012/2013


'That space ordered ...'. So define the new collections in stores today. With the amount of material remaining in sales, is easy to see where we find the new collections. We may also be defined as' those dark clothes and have no trace of neon colors, "but proposed new H & M are not exactly obscure.

And is that colored and white or green to show us that this Fall-Winter 2012/2013 the black and gray are not the only protagonists.


The details become important, such as a body point that at first glance there is nothing special, but if you turn it back are exposed. What do you think?


Do you prefer earth tones combined with the roses? No problem, here are the proposed outfit. The jersey Acne reminds me of last year, is not it?


But the plain clothes stand in contrast to the patterns for those who dare.


Alone and classic clothes serves me right, a full set of I dare not print. But I accept it, do you?


And how could it be otherwise ... Wham! We found the print-animal. You thought you had saved? No friend, it never ...


Welcome to the dark side

But yes, dark colors (though not prevail this collection) are present. Black, navy and other colors come together in the most wearable garments such as this jacket for 'leather' synthetic.


Do you know how it feels to fable? With lace pencil skirt. It is the best!


Want to play the slides? Test flight with this dress.


Although the dress pleated skirt and neck baby-doll is perfect for those who want a lot with very little.


What do you think the end result?

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