Tuesday, July 24, 2012

¿Scarf on her head for the summer? The famous self dare

Jennifer Lopez

The headscarf had better seasons to join the fashion, as we saw last season, where do we see more this add-on hair and on the catwalk. Still, the famous and not leave for a day of casual street look so happy.

How is it best not to take

Jennifer Lopez

The option takes Jennifer Lopez to completely cover all the hair is not a style detail if you are interested in bringing him to the last. If in addition we add a maxigafas sun then it will hide the face too. As a measure to conceal hair long neglected by itself, as to go pretty far, no.

Alessandra Ambrossio

The scarf has done better as Alessandra Ambrosio, a pirate style which leaves the rest of the hair down below this scarf and the look is complemented by matching. This time it sends casual, loose clothing.

Taste for turban

Lindsay Lohan

The turban for a beach day becoming a tissue-based current fork hidden in an Arab flavor that can be very good, as we see Lindsay Lohan filming the movie "Liz & Dick '.

Ana Araujo

Either the option of wearing the turban Ana Araujo party and showing that rock can be just any other supplement. Depends on the style of each, and the context.

What is more fashionable: a thin strip

Taylor Swift

Instead of a bandana covering the entire head these days we are seeing a lot of thin ribbon with a knot that varies according to taste. Some of them have chosen to give his style a touch older woman younger, like Taylor Swift and some time we see with different thin films.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has also pointed to the latter. This time the tape is printed with a knot at the top. Melena collection, at least down to the side bangs and ponytail behind.

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens has chosen a generous loop as a hub for film in an informal style with the military touch these days .

Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen also dressed in a juvenile for his new role in the film 'Very Good Girls "in which he appears with a handkerchief tied up in a patriotic.

Lana King

We can not forget King's Lana who has long been experimenting with different headbands and headscarves .

Provided ahead

Elizabeth II

Although youth trends command and believe there is always a name that appears before you to venture with them. The Queen Elizabeth II will always be the it-girl more underground.

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