Sunday, July 8, 2012

Shoes are ideal for brides wonderful

wedding photo

A bride's shoes are as important as the dress. There are brides who first choose the dress shoes. When choosing your shoes for your wedding day you should keep in mind several things: they are the style and conjunten with your dress and that are comfortable and good quality.


The shoes white or ecru not have to be bored or need to recurras the typical bridal shoe salon. Today there are a variety to choose from, even you can cover the fabric or garment made to measure.


The high heel is up to you, if you think you will comfortable with a very tall and thin heel forward, if instead opt for a less foot heel is also very valid and can be perfect. And there is nothing wrong to wear a flat shoe if you get tired of the heel or flat shoes keep your wedding ...


Another alternative is trend in bridal shoes is to bring shoes with color or glitter. Many brides shoes combine the groom's tie, flowers or decoration. A daring proposal but with spectacular results.

Photo | Tec Petaja
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