Sunday, July 1, 2012

Strike hips

eva mendes dress

How hard to follow the trends if your body is shaped like an hourglass, with wide hips and narrow waist. On the other hand, is a typically Latin, so many we identified with that figure, and some of you have asked us that silhouette dress ideas, so here are a few ideas to dress with wide hips:

Marking is gerund

If you have wide hips, flaunt it. It's a very feminine men love it. Nor is it a matter of going tight, but committed lady silhouettes, with the strong shoulder and hints at the hips. Much better with heels styling. This is a silhouette that is often neglected by the fashion usually, but it can be really sexy.

eva mendes yellow

Dresses must be female, suggestive. In these cases it is very important to choose your size, do not go with something you volume XL, but not in clothes that you are close.

eva mendes flower dress

Remember that black is always stylized.

kim kardashian black dress

Look at women like Eva Mendes, Sofia Vergara, Scarlett Johansson and Monica Bellucci, and parades of Dolce & Gabbana. Kim Kardashian also responds to this archetype, but the rules are the jumps to the bullfighter. Who would add more volume to your hips with side pockets? Only she is able.

kim green dress

With flight

The flight skirts help hide wide hips above if the garment is tight. Kim Kardashian dares with this set of Carven, without complexes.

kim kardashian flying skirt

Flyers better leave them to the top.

eva mendes print dress


Pants that are slightly better feel acmapanados (I have checked), adding platform shoes. We saw that Sofia Vergara is an expert in show off .

sofia vergara pants

If you wear skinny jeans, do it with a long blouse or shirt that hides the conflict zone.

kim kardashian jeans

kim kardashian leggings

The long jackets are an essential garment. To compensate guitaraa way, best leave the prints and color to the upper body, and the dark tones and smooth leg.

beyonce jacket

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