Sunday, July 8, 2012

Thank you United Kingdom! For these timeless fashion garments

crris miniskirt

The London Olympics are about to begin and the English capital is more fashionable than ever. We see Union Jacks all over London and the shops are bustling with activity and new proposals. The UK is a benchmark of fashion since the 60's, with its Swinging London Carnaby Street shops, and girls showing off legs based on increasingly shorter skirts. And since then ... until today, the British Empire has given thousand garments, fabrics and patterns by which we can be eternally grateful:

The miniskirt

crris miniskirt

Mary Quant is played with Andre Courreges the invention of the miniskirt, but as the English designer, did not invent it, but who invented the street. The British teenagers wanted to separate her image from that of their mothers, who wore very long skirts, and won the miniskirts on the street, and continues today with popular proposals like the looks Crris Lefties. There is no better piece to show off perfect legs.

The coat

street trench

The raincoat was invented by Thomas Burberry in 1880, and British soldiers used it in the First World War for their excellent resistance to rain and cold due to its impermeability. Since that time, the coat is linked to British Burberry and so perpetuated. If you're a fan of the garment, be sure to visit The Art of the Trench , with thousands of photos of street style with the classic trench coat, though ours is in White, we worship the same.

The Tartan

asos tartan

We're a little north of the British Isles to Scotland. There was born the famous tartan, a classic that comes and goes in the fashion and the times. In Scotland each frame and each color represents a different clan and kilt or kilts are worn with pride by men at weddings and ceremonies. The tartan is the most classic of British fashion, as well as irreverent as Vivienne Westwood appropriated it as a symbol of the imaginary punk.


Tweed Street

The tweed type fabric is also from Scotland. Because of their durability and resistance to cold, was used by the most distinguished men to make their elegant suits, until Coco Chanel came across a British and decided that this tissue may also avail ourselves to women. So he created his famous tweed jacket, which has been reversionada by the fashion world on countless occasions.

But there are a thousand more than the British contributions to fashion: the Prince of Wales, Dr. Martens boots, punk, barbour, ... London has always been known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, breaking his risky fashion, for their young designers with promising careers, but also by the impeccably tailored suits cut and made, and these patterns of upholstery and flowers that only the English of a certain age are hesitant to combine with a strange taste.

So all I can only cry: Thank you, United Kingdom!

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