Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The choice and the process of the dress of your dreams, an unforgettable day for the bride


The choice and the process of our wedding dress can be a long way to go but have to live with excitement because it is a unique day in our lives. Paula Peeptoes My blog , recently married and is showing us the special moments that lived during the preparation of your wedding. Whether you go to a store or a designer to choose or make your dress should be a wonderful experience and I would like the share with us. How was the choice of your wedding dress?


Paula was very clear that its designer Lorenzo Caprile would. The ideas of her wedding dress designer and the transfer to Caprile team and they got down to work.



After selecting the fabric and made ​​the sketch arrive early tests. Must be a pretty strange feeling at the same time exciting to see how you build your dress.


The designer had a great detail with the bride, lent him an old lace mantilla Century XVI
. Some very special moments that will secure the scrapbook of the bride. Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Photos | Manuel Ordovás
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