Friday, July 27, 2012

The ideal holiday suitcase

Ready, ready, for the operation and output of August. Enter or leave the question is always what I've been and what I leave? This question more than one causes him headaches may respond to six images. We have party dresses ideal low cost for the night, day ...

Perfect this look Skinny Liar for this vacation suitcase: it occupies little is lightweight and comfortable and sexy.
For days of jogging or festival, a lumberjack shirt will give us the touch of grunge and a Texas trucker hat trash the touch. With the beauty of Juliette Madamme everything looks cute.
The important thing is light clothes that are feminine but not involving kilos and you are easily combined with shorts or your mini summer.
Do as Julietta, uses a military-inspired jacket as a wildcard. You can wrap up and come on to bring forth all fall when the game is full trend!
Important! Do not forget some crochet and lace top with which to emulate Petra.

Photos | Skinny Liar , Petra , Madamme Jullieta , Connected to fashion

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