Friday, July 27, 2012

The Olympics of the 'it-girls': this is the British team


Less than one hour to kick off the 2012 London Olympics do a little review of it more British girls followed, imitated and loved worldwide. The five have a very peculiar style and (personally) drives me crazy. Each defends her outfits in the best way possible and they can bang! British firm that saw. They love to be British and so we prove it every time. Which of these do you prefer?

Emma Watson

Despite being born in Paris, the British actress is in nature. We watched her grow up with the Harry Potter and slowly showed us did not want to be another broken toy factory of Hollywood. Each time you have occasion to show a mini-dress encases those legs worked and well maintained. I like every style appearance changes without leaving the trace of identity that characterizes both.


Alexa Chung

If we talk about fashion icons we can not appoint Alexa Chung. You may like more or less but it represents the British fashion (no matter who likes it). Sometimes shows your ladylike side, sometimes opts for the trash but always has a do not know what makes it unique. Personally I can not say it's a big fan of it, and simply for one reason: there are times I do not understand their styles. What do you think?


Sienna Miller

She is unique, and although her ​​appearances lately are more scarce, when viewed with much interest. Does your strength? The styles of street-based mini-dresses and boots, skinny jeans and combined with other special items than easier. Sienna Miller has been and it will be a British girl from head to toe, do not you think? And though he was born in New York, his entire life has been spent in the UK, so she defines herself as an American-British.


Fearne Cotton

It is the least known of all and that causes more controversy. You either like the way you think and dress or hate. And is that the combination of difficult patterns and impossible mixes of styles make it a unique character.


Poppy Delevigne

For me my favorite. That's why I left for last. I find it beautiful and delicious style, which makes the result is of sumacumlaude. Do not know about you but I love to follow.


And the garment fetish is ...

The trench, did dudabais? And yes, all from Burberry Prorsum.


We have made ​​big names like Victoria Beckham in the pipeline, but I think she deserves a whole post.

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