Monday, July 30, 2012

The sunglasses are also a classic in the world of cinema


The world of cinema is a machine for making icons of all kinds. There is a supplement that has crossed the big screen to get to the street and are the sunglasses. We all remember great films where the actors have worn sunglasses that have become famous then or already were to appear in the film. Let's do a review of the most iconic sunglasses of the movies.


"Back to the Future II" is the typical movie we've all seen children or not so young. Doc, slightly mad scientist who helps Marty McFly has time travel. In the movie Doc takes u nas very wide glasses and aluminum without holes that have become film history, not because it is feasible to carry out but in the film.


In "Annie Hall", Diane Keaton has a semi rounded shaped glasses are tortoiseshell trend for some time. With his glasses got the final touch to the style of male and independent woman who looks in the film.


"Matrix" sci-fi film that has become a benchmark of the genre. Its small glasses and mirror have been imitated ad nauseum.


"Lolita" by Stanley Kubrick is an extraordinary film where aesthetics is a very important factor. The heart-shaped glasses that leads Sue Lyon is an icon in the world of "fuck" and fashion.


"The Big Lebowski" is a film, the Coen brothers, very funny. Her wardrobe is hilarious and glasses that appear have a retro feel great. The hipster and geeks are fans.


Patricia Arquette in "True Romance" was too much like the looks he had in the movie. The bright turquoise glasses and glass mirror straight reinterpreting continue today.


"How I Dr. Strangelove "another Kubrick film in which Peter Sellers playing shows his artistic abilities 3 characters. The leads Dr.Strangelove of sunglasses with thin metal, well known.

easy rider
"Easy Rider" road movie that marked an entire generation and beyond. Peter Fonda carries the Ray Ban sunglasses model 3119 Olympia.


"Eight and a half" of Fellini is a classic of world cinema. The great Marcello Mastroianni teaches us how to be carried sunglasses. That is pure style ...



The Blues Brothers, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Risky Business and many other movies have something in common, Rayban wayfarer sunglasses model. You could say that sunglasses are the most popular film.

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