Monday, July 9, 2012

They are the champions! ... The style of Xisca Perello

I can not be objective, I find it quite impossible when it comes to Rafa Nadal. For his humility, honesty and grandeur. And when someone is big, difficult is that those who accompany him are not. One when you think of style not only think about what you wear, but when it does. So Xisca Perello, to me you estilazo.

Xisca come and go with those looks bland sometimes make us think it's a woman in the street, a friend we always find in any tennis tournaments. She has points in common with Sara Carbonero whose looks are adored or vilified and often have nothing to highlight. And she, as Sarah has a beauty that lifts up the simplest of the straws with the blandest shirt.

But she, unlike others, no seems to be the cover of any fashion magazine or the coated and that, being where it is, is what makes me think that theirs is not style, is estilazo.

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