Friday, July 27, 2012

Trends debate: to raise their hands who have worn and a crop top

maccord annalynn crop top

There are certain trends that I can not help but wonder if a lot to be displayed on the catwalk, however much some famous wear them on the street someone will be brave enough to show them off shamelessly. So you're taking, if alas some in the room this summer and has pointed to the controversial trend of the season, cropped tops to manifest and we comment!

The famous course, have worn day and night. To take a walk, with long skirts, hippie style as AnnaLynne McCord. I dislike the idea, but the top can be confused with a bra.

And at night, with skirts and high waist shorts, like Selena Gomez at the Kids' Choice Awards, a style he liked because he is back again this summer at some other time.

selena gomez crop top

The key to work the look is that the skirt or pants are high waist, so that only insinuate the navel and the most contentious of the gut obscured. If you join a low waist trousers crop top, the look does not work as much as your stomach to be envied. Thus no.

selena gomez crop top street

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