Sunday, July 29, 2012

What do they have in common and Chiara Ferragni Olivia Palermo? Love for the low-cost ...


Both are followed wherever they go and (despite who likes it) is a fashion icon. One for being a socialite of the city of New York ( Olivia Palermo ) and Chiara Ferragni by being seen in all the soirees and then tell it in his personal blog. Wherever they succeed (as in beer) and thousands of girls dream to dress like them (at least look as far as style is concerned). And when they resort to low-cost ... madness was unleashed.

And talk about a firm (though I begin to bore) between the famous triumphs of half the world is Zara (who else?). In Europe, prices are not as cheap as in our country and in America is far more expensive firm. But like, and especially a new red lace top with a peplum.


Who looks better?

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