Thursday, July 26, 2012

What have you purchased during these reductions thinking about next fall?, The question of the week

Jared replies

During the time of sale of shopping I like to do and I always recommend is getting a piece thinking about the fall. From jeans, which always has a substantial discount, and we can look over the whole year, to a half-sleeve blouse. So I want to share with us your purchases and, Answer to Question of the week:

What did you get for thinking these cuts for next fall?

Remember that the comments in question are Jared Answers, not in this post.

The question last week

What bathing suit you best and why?

Goggh tells us that:

Wear a bikini to the top I like the bandeau (though I have which are triangles of other summers) and the bottom I like it that wide and cover tightly, because I have a good back to teach.

Ainara27 prefer to shoot from cabinet:

The best I feel is one of Kylie for H & M a few years old now, in green and blue, with pictures of palm. Extremely nice and super sexy.

In Jared | ¿compensates shop at Primark type?, the question of the week

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