Monday, July 9, 2012

What is missing in a black dress for summer?

black summer dress

I love black dresses for summer, and that they are not a very summery piece to say. So I've been looking at some nice cuts, simple and tunable, allowing many possibilities we just add a few accessories. I am waiting for my order of sales online, and meanwhile I've been thinking about how I take my new little black dress to look more summery:

A scarf fluorine

Take advantage of the summer is to buy a scarf neon yellow lemon, fuchsia or vibrant orange dress allows us to transform and give birth. The scarf is Mango and costs EUR 12.99 .

scarf handle

Leather Accessories

I love the black dress with accessories in leather, a vintage-style belt. Dress handle new season, for 45.99 euros .

handle black dress

Or with wooden wedges like these Mango lowered to 34.99 euros .

wedge handle

Do you other ideas? I think it would also be great with snake print accessories, jackets with rhinestones, a white jacket ...

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