Thursday, July 26, 2012

When the second cuts mean past collections


Yes, I know, I keep visiting the shops to see if rebates get better every day. Sometimes I am amazed with the descent of some products we missed the eye, but sometimes I am surprised by the clothes out there. Is that in the summer collection presented boots hair? Impossible. ¿Shirt Dresses? I do not remember. ¿Leather boots? Not by a long shot. Yes, firms want to take up material and use this time to raise cash.

So without further delay in Stradivarius 'we sneak' these boots with leather laces at the ankles . A good choice for this Fall-Winter 2012/2013, but never in summer.


Same with these boots from Zara . A good wardrobe which shall never be sold in the summer. But if you are at a good price, why not take advantage?


And thinking about the future, this long sleeve dress will be very useful for a few months. I imagine it with tights ... et voila! Ideal.


And you, what clothes you found last season?

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