Friday, July 6, 2012

When the style goes with you, you're perfect the 24x7


Sometimes there are girls who make me very angry (in a good way) and I see them and I let out a perfect, 'but if I have this fixed. " And then I look and I see good and right, is perfect with something simple and not difficult. And is that the divine charm gives off an unmistakable style. But we also can if we have the right attitude. Do like them and come out winning.

To do this we must have clothes in our wardrobe basic and simple as a short denim (the more broken the better), gauzy blouse, high heels classic ... all these and be amazed Board with the outcome.


And if the blouse will not you change it to a cotton jersey sweatshirt kind of sport. However, to afternoons now looking for a fine and fresh version. Do not you think this look great? Although I personally would change the boots for a sports ...


If you are the type who dares with a hat ... Do not hesitate! And this add the final touch to the perfect outfit and different. Of course, you have to have personaliad and dare to go out with them ... Not all succeed, will you be one of those that do?


And the grand finale comes on the heels of a simple nude dress Zara that has absolutely nothing. Yes, nothing is synonymous with long, what do you think?


Which of these outfits do you prefer?

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