Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Who's that girl? Shala Monroque

shala Monroque

Surely this sound familiar face, for his colorful style, filled with mixtures and accessories often striking baroque chamber of the best streetstyle photographers. Shala Monroque is more than just a pretty face with taste in dress, it always surprises, and for that reason is often in the best-dressed lists . Also worth knowing the story behind this woman, for example you know it has in common with Miucca Prada and Dasha Zhukova (wife of Roman Abramovich, editor in chief of Pop magazine and promoter of arts and cultural center Center Garage Moscow)?

His strong friendship with them, with which it shares a passion for art and fashion. Who has good aesthetic eye is just as versatile and good contacts and move in a high-end areas to connect with the right people to carry out your vocation at full capacity (it is romantically linked with art dealer Larry Gagosian ).

Monroque shala dasha

It has become the muse of Miucca Prada and almost always wears her designs and sit on their front rows. And Dasha worked at Pop Magazine and left the post responsible for Jain Garage magazine. Let's say that today's art and fashion consultant, which is reflected in its peculiar way of dressing.

Monroque shala prada

If you like the way you see life in his blog (which, of course, is not a fashion blog to use) you'll find pieces of his inspiration from his travels around the planet, and their particular world.

Monroque shala style

The style of Shala Monroque

This woman is bold, sophisticated, cultured, and dresses very different from what we're used to seeing at a time of "copy and paste" looks at blogs. Not afraid to show off the latest trends, colors bright, the most striking patterns and take your most extravagant jewelry, wear turbans, sunglasses out of the ordinary, and so on.

montoque shala jewelry

That presumption can only afford it someone with a strong personality and self-confidence. It is clear that likes to have fun with fashion and their looks are an extension of his love for the art world.

Color Monroque shala

Its brands fetish, apart from Prada's Miu Miu, Rodarte and Celine. A declaration of intent on their intellectual world.

Monroque shala Style2

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