Monday, July 2, 2012

Yes, no two without three. The 'team' Spanish stands in victory


They say third time lucky, but in this case, only we did not need a second chance. And that to meet again with Italy served to demonstrate that the Spanish can win everything that we propose. Whether in the field of play with a ball through or with a lot of clothes and style. That's why we show these 11 bloggers who have swept every 'encounter' with the European teams because of its style and charm. Congratulations!

And we do look a total blank CoohuCo hand thanks to its color complements breaks the monotony of the purity of this key so basic. It is perfect! Seams Like a desire for that little by little and looks great base like today, has been gaining a legion of fans. She is single, and shows him with his low-cost outfits.


The military jacket is a garment that is going to entertain luxury like this simple styling based on a white cotton dress. Give strength to make it a great outfit.


Considered as one of our crown jewels Pepa Lovely summer welcomes a hand styling as romantic lace blouse and white pants torn. What do you think?


And with the same colors but with completely different garments we Trendy Natalia Taste. I love that vest crochet booties combined with campers, ¿luciréis styling like these days?


Flores, tacks and faded. There is a trend that can resist the star of Love shopping and fashion blog. Only she can aunarlas all together in one outfit and not look crowded.


If we speak of a key player in this team we appoint our international star: Gala Gonzalez. She is followed every day by thousands of fans thanks to outfits as simple as this one today. What do you think?


Fluorescent colors are the most this season. Personally I look in accessories, clothes although they also serve well and show him Framboise and Iria Lady & Me. Which of these do you prefer?


Although we have star patterns in the tropics. Earlier this season Zara TRF daring shot out of a cigarette that Silvia chair has managed to adapt my bag at the time aa day from a peplum top.


And finally we do it Boho Chic style of Mireia My daily Style. Simplicity above all and much savoir faire. What do you think?


Who deserves to be the top scorer in this team so special?

Photos | 1 chair for my purse , Seams for a desire , Am lul , Trendy Taste , Lady Framboise , CoohuCo , Love shopping and fashion , Lovely Pepa , My daily Style , Marilyn's Closet , Iria & Me
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