Friday, August 31, 2012

Christy Turlington: before (20 years ago) and then Donna Karan amazing

The campaign of Donna Karan is a fragrance and as often happens in beauty campaigns, read Estee Lauder, is starring three models Liya Kebede, Karolina Kourkova and Christy Turlington. What does this woman to look like in 1988?

Kate Middleton controversial choice at the opening of the Paralympic Games

Lucio and glittered. Kate Middleton was again the star of the opening of the Paralympic Games and it was despite repeated and recycled outfit a year ago. How hard it is to be first lady! If repeated, criticized. If premieres and high cost, criticized. His look however can not be criticized: impeccable, understated but impeccable.

How bloggers dress for Notting Hill carnival?

These days have taken place in London's Notting Hill Carnival. If one decides to take a year off going from party to party in the world, this would be one of the chosen along with New Year's Eve in Times Square or the Oktoberfest. How to look for that day?

Bottega Veneta Autumn-Winter 2012/2013: a mysterious woman

Bottega Veneta Fall-Winter 2012/2013

Dark, but with the color contrast of each of the dresses, Bottega Veneta campaign Autumn-Winter 2012/2013 is as meticulous and serious as are each of its proposals.

Laura Ponte, Honey West in the new season of The Hip Tee shirts

Laura Ponte hip tee

Shift register often the model Laura Ponte. From mysterious brunette and platinum blonde bombshell timid, almost unrecognizable, thanks to the great and surprising campaign more cane products, The Hip Tee.

Cloned and plundered: inspiration from others


Sometimes we find amazing and shameless clones. Sometimes we can not qualify as such, and we talk about inspirations: either because the buckles are placed elsewhere, because the shape is a little different, or they just take the original base. This is what happens with these boots that are already found in Zara and who base model presented in Givenchy Pre-Fall 2012 collection. A type of shoe great for next season and that will delight many of you. But there is more.

Who stars in the new campaign for River Island for this Fall-Winter 2012/2013? Eniko Mihalik, yes!


It was wrong to take the positive side of things, so the only thing I like about the end of August is ... they start out the new fashion campaigns! Yes, yes we are seeing all proposals that firms have prepared for us, humans. Some things like better than others, some more clothes with another trend, and a more wearable than others. And it is already known, in this world there are all kinds of taste. And for this Fall-Winter 2012/2013 River Island British firm has chosen to star Eniko Mihalik its new campaign.

Sfera Catalog Fall-Winter 2012/2013: a firm step in improving the brand


I like more and more work being done El Corte Ingles with its brand Sfera. The growth of this in the 11 years he has been active this season is amazing and continues to improve. In the image of its new catalog could spend about Zara in terms of aesthetics, which recreates almost to the millimeter.

Paula Echevarría for White Autumn Winter 2012 2013

Here's the video of Paula Echevarría for White Autumn Winter 2012 2013! Blanco has again exceeded! Days we've been teaching you to trickle all the news from the new collection autumn winter 2012 2013 White .

At last I can show to complete the new catalog of Blanco where it girl repeats as Paula Echevarría Blanco Suite image! So give to play and enjoy this new season of White, with new trends and White clothing in which the model is Paula Echevarría!

Soon in section White to detail you will see the new clothes, accessories and trends of this store low cost!

Paula Echevarría for White Autumn Winter 2012 2013

Paula Echevarría para Blanco otoño invierno 2012 2013 This is one of the best look of Paula Echevarría Blanco Fall Winter 2012 2013 , but not the only noteworthy!
Paula Echevarría para Blanco otoño invierno 2012 2013

Another set of Paula Echevarría for White is already on sale in White!

Suite Blanco otoño 2012 2013 Paula Echevarría

Picture of the making of the new campaign Paula Echevarría for White Autumn Winter 2012 2013.

David Bowie opens the doors of his cabinet in a single exposure


David Bowie is one of the reference and source of inspiration in the fashion world. So next year the V & A Museum in London will host an exhibition dedicated to the artist. The exhibition will tour the artist's life through his clothes and personal items.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley among flowers and lingerie from Marks & Spencer

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Marks Spencer

A new model to jump designer and a big brand behind for the general public for support. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is passed back to camp and decided to collaborate on the design of a new lingerie collection for Marks & Spencer which has just present in London.

Who was the summer body?

Doutzen Kroes

We end August and thereby beach days as usual, with the return to work that we have already experienced many (mind!) And recalling the best bodies of famous this summer. The best looks in swimwear being offered with the latest trends and ideas.

The famous Spanish did not miss the premiere of Josep Font in DELPOZO


Yesterday debuted in style under the renowned Josep Font DELPOZO on the first day of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. A parade that left us good proposals in which was the main attraction of the Spanish fashion week amid the many hopes for the relief of the large Jesus del Pozo. Several famous Spanish not want to miss this unique opportunity.

Balenciaga fashion Galactic a little closer


Nobody expected that sacase Nicolas Ghesquiere is a collection of manga as futuristic as this fall-winter 2012/2013 of Balenciaga, but since we are, let's get the geek in all of us and let us make a shirt or sweatshirt with Star Wars , Back to the Future or even Alf, as we are ...

The Venice Film Festival is aimed at black as a basic resource no surprises

Ryder Venice Festival

The good feeling that we left the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival after a first red carpet does not stay on the second day in which the only star known internationally as was Winona Ryder.

Trends Fall-Winter 2012/2013: Hooray! The hat is the most

I always wanted to be Parisian. It seems, however stupid it sounds, that comes with having more charm and above all look hat without staff is astonished because desentonas by sophisticated or "Paris" in buying the super. Wear a hat and buy flour does not sit well ... until this fall.

Bershka Shoes Fall 2012

Zapatos Bershka otoño invierno 2012 2013 New Bershka Shoes Fall Winter 2012 2013 is new trends in boots , ballerinas, salons and more shoes! The new collection Bershka has fashion shoes, like the biker-inspired designs and cowboy.

Bershka has many shoes with studs, like boots with studs, the creepers, cowboy boots, then high heels, etc..

And the new collection Bershka Shoes Fall Winter 2012 2013 has a clone of the shoes or sneakers Isabel Marant wedge!

Zapatos Bershka otoño invierno 2012 2013 Bershka Shoes Fall Winter 2012 2013

Bershka has several studded boots, one of the trends this fall winter Stomp!

Zapatos Bershka otoño invierno 2012 2013 Bershka Shoes Fall Winter 2012 2013

The studs are also carried on dancing and especially in slippers! This fall winter 2012 2013 will be much these shoes type slippers!

Zapatos Bershka otoño invierno 2012 2013 Bershka Shoes Fall Winter 2012 2013

These boots or cowboy campers is another novelty of Bershka Shoes Fall Winter 2012 2013, and this clone wedge shoes!

Zapatos Bershka otoño invierno 2012 2013 Bershka Shoes Fall Winter 2012 2013

For more arranged your looks Bershka has various options like rooms with studs, one of the "hits" this season!

Zapatos Bershka otoño invierno 2012 2013 Bershka Shoes Fall Winter 2012 2013

Here's more news in flat shoes, as these loafers and creepers.

Zapatos Bershka otoño invierno 2012 2013 Bershka Shoes Fall Winter 2012 2013

The biker-inspired boots with buckles are military or other Bershka shoes fall winter 2012 2013 that I love!

More Bershka shoes

YolanCris Fall-Winter 2012/2013: how to look different?

YolanCris Fall-Winter 2012/2013

Signing YolanCris party teaches its stylish and daring dresses for autumn-winter 2012/2013, where the black leather is the only protagonist. A line style loaded with different garments that will fascinate you.

That beautiful, precise touch 50s ...

Reliving the past fashion is both simple and complicated. Simple because perhaps in our own house to find the wonderful and complicated because we spend is a common mistake and we ends up becoming a character before.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Why say the Oscar de la Renta for Ann Romney is a "fastídiate" to Michelle Obama?

The first American ladies go polemic controversy. Michelle Obama, I love, I love, caused a stir by a jacket that was criticized controversial . Now the choice is discussed Ann Romney in his speech at the Republican convention. List, very smart ... why and why your choice has caused a stir by Oscar de la Renta?

DELPOZO and Josep Font debut: the fidelity of Haute Couture

Parade DelPozo

New brand and new creative director. Jesus Del Pozo has debuted with new name DELPOZO , And new Creative Director: Josep Font. Catalan creator was responsible for opening the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid, very romantic with a parade that has had the El Capricho Park as a backdrop. And is that this collection is a real treat.

Teaches how Mulberry bag made Lana del Rey

Do you want to see how it develops a Mulberry bag? The British firm itself lets us know the bag has been designed to Lana del Rey . Del Rey is the new Mulberry handbag, handbags house whose line called "Icons" Alexa Chung leaves aside to make way for a pop singer that within two days nor remember.

A bucolic poem by Missoni Fall-Winter 2012/2013

The house Missoni record changes in their new fall 2012 campaign. We zig-zag course, but also a story told in the very distant place for models and Fabian Guinevere van Seenus Schweitzer.

Stradivarius Catalog Fall 2012

Catálogo Stradivarius otoño invierno 2012 2013 Finally here's the new catalog Stradivarius ! The new collection for autumn winter 2012 2013 Stradivarius has new fashion trends!

The new catalog Stradivarius trends yields to more rock, and baroque military fashion autumn 2012! Among the best of the new catalog should be highlighted and combined military jackets, wearing sequins, studs, garnet color, lace garments, camouflage prints, long rhinestone and beads, necklaces and so on.

You have to see the new catalog Stradivarius!

Catálogo Stradivarius otoño invierno 2012 2013 Stradivarius Catalog Fall Winter 2012 2013

Catálogo Stradivarius otoño invierno 2012 2013 Stradivarius Catalog Fall Winter 2012 2013

This combined Stradivarius jacket costs 79.95 euros, but it is expensive skin!

Catálogo Stradivarius otoño invierno 2012 2013 This jacket combined Stradivarius Catalog Fall Winter 2012 2013

What this seems pretty military parka with rhinestones on the shoulder!

Catálogo Stradivarius otoño invierno 2012 2013 Stradivarius Catalog Fall Winter 2012 2013

Catálogo Stradivarius otoño invierno 2012 2013 Stradivarius Catalog Fall Winter 2012 2013

Catálogo Stradivarius otoño invierno 2012 2013 Stradivarius Catalog Fall Winter 2012 2013

Holiday Return: surprise! Imitate Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is to be the champion of glamor well understood. His mania for MC, the look of Vegas and the peroxide blond does more harm than good but sometimes hit and this seems to be one of them. What we return from vacation is depressed? Let's do it like a star.

Elizabeth Olsen becomes romanticism in Bullett

Elizabeth Olsen Bullett

Bullett magazine presents its volume VIII focusing on the romance, but widespread trend going into this new season and does so with a cover starring Elizabeth Olsen that I loved. Not surprising since the third of the series Olsen increasingly more like it and it shows you have style.

Armani Jeans Autumn-Winter 2012/2013: if I feel like it ... I'll take it all!


As sincerity is something that characterizes me and I always say what I think (sometimes I hold), will I have to confess something: Armani Jeans is a signature for that sigh. Not for nothing, but that touch so Italian is not something I'm passionate about. So I was surprised to fall in love with their new catalog featuring Bambi Northwood. The photos are spectacular, it still more, and makes me want to set the same dress.

Mustang Autumn-Winter 2012/2013: all day long


Mustang is one of those firms comfortable, wearable and economical than most of us have in mind the season when choosing a pair of shoes, boots or booties. He lands a new station, and Mustang Fall-Winter 2012/2013 remains true to form with a collection ideal for everyday wear.

Get a casual look for very little!


How I love the looks casual and nothing bombastic! Today it is difficult to find an outfit like this, many of the girls straight out of a catalog of fantasy, a Vogue shooting or gateway. Yes, the blogging world is not what it was, but I'm always surprised (pleasantly) when I find looks simple and without much mystery. That's why today I show you the perfect look for everyday casual, comfortable and simple.

Eyes that see everything ... Flex your funny and original!


They say all the bad we must take the positive side of things, and I think (a humble opinion) that in this time of crisis in which we are living (and about the live worse than others) are learning to learn and have more. Obviously fashion can not help us overcome this damn pothole, or going to get us out of the troubles that many of you are living. But I found it funny to see how one of the bloggers give an original touch to their clothes and, with this post, I want to start an occasional shy smile.

Kisses from Asos

Asos kisses

Such renewal of clothes at the end just to offer the same about a little stamping purchases have been generous. If flowers, stripes, animal and paisley ... but the kisses? This type of pattern has not been much exploited Asos right now and has scored a good point to take them to their clothes, nothing to do with the kisses of Benetton .

The "muse of Balenciaga" Kristen Stewart will remain its image

Balenciaga Florabotanica

Balenciaga Managers must be rubbing their hands after the signing of Kristen Stewart as picture intending further popularize the brand. The scandal of the actress with her ​​affair with Rupert Sanders has finished making the firm itself has to release a statement saying that they will continue with it as an image of the fragrance Florabotanica.

Stradivarius Fall Winter 2012 2013

Stradivarius otoño invierno 2012 2013

Here's a preview of the new catalog Stradivarius fall winter 2012 2013! The new collection of Stradivarius has new autumn winter trends! And is that little by little we know the new trends of clothing and Stradivarius and the truth is that I am leading a pleasant surprise :).

Stradivarius has eg studded jackets, peplum dresses, camouflage prints, rhinestone necklaces, pearls garments, gothic and biker designs, clothes with rhinestones, looks cowboys, etc..

Maybe it's a matter of the crisis but all low cost clothing stores, such as Stradivarius, are stepping up and the result is a collection with the latest trends, fashion garments and all the details and accessories essential to dress fashionable, affordable and tight and with a significant improvement of the cut and designs.

Stradivarius otoño invierno 2012 2013 Stradivarius Fall Winter 2012 2013

Bershka targets are studded biker jackets, excessive jewelery with rhinestones, color garnet and ripped jeans!

Stradivarius otoño invierno 2012 2013 Stradivarius Fall Winter 2012 2013

Another new feature that I love is Stradivarius pedería shirts and studs on the neck! And as you see there with peplum skirts!

Stradivarius otoño invierno 2012 2013 Stradivarius Fall Winter 2012 2013

A trend look very new Stradivarius collection autumn winter 2012 2013! Studded black shirt with maroon skinny!

Stradivarius otoño invierno 2012 2013 Stradivarius Fall Winter 2012 2013

A short preview of the new accessories Stradivarius1

Stradivarius otoño invierno 2012 2013 Stradivarius Fall Winter 2012 2013

I really like these two Stradivarius dresses and studded with flight!

Stradivarius otoño invierno 2012 2013 Stradivarius Fall Winter 2012 2013