Thursday, August 2, 2012

1, 2, 3 triquini! Do we dare ... at last?

The triquinis came, stayed and did not succeed on the beaches, but there still. And to imagine with these brands of sun when most of the female population that likes the "less is more" is an absurdity. But it gets better if we pose it as a "meanwhile".

H & M

As we go to the beach, while watching the sunset ... when not lying in the sun.


Goldenpoint ideal proposed, as is the first of the images.
Also perfect if you love topless. We're on the beach, back off, let's have a cocktail at the bar, get a mini disc to go to the beach or stay with friends in the port, I upload it.
The new tops are triquinis and you can make them as eclectic as you want.


My favorite by the sophistication of black and those applications that come to almost an article of party.

Victoria's Secret

At the same sinuous line and color a model of the sexiest or is the difference puts the model?


Finally two beautiful firm proposals for low cost if you do not tell me the brand and price, I do not think so will they be the same in real live?

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