Sunday, August 5, 2012

50 years without Marilyn Monroe: aesthetics marked a lifestyle


Today marks an anniversary. But unlike many, their conclusion is sad. If more than not, we welcome that. And 50 years ago that Marilyn Monroe was gone and she bequeathed a myth for the world of film, music, beauty and fashion. Does your fame? The achieved thanks to the film 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes' and to be carried in the inaugural issue of Playboy magazine.

The picture he took was that of a sensual and sexy woman with great self-confidence, but had nothing to do with reality. Marilyn was sensitive and unstable since childhood.


And although it has been 50 years since his disappearance and many of you never see her alive (I each group), I lived every day with their image and innumerable episodes of his life. So much so that when one of my girlfriends birthday rip me a happy birthday to you in JF Kennedy plan.

And if someone named, the first image that comes to mind is hers over a grid covering the skirt of her white pleated dress.


A diva that marked a before and after

It is very difficult to be remembered a lifetime and generations who have seen you live you idolize as ever. But Monroe's figure goes further and people go crazy with his physique and looks today. So much so that in more than one occasion Paris Hilton has started with a short, curly hair as the actress.


Lindsay Lohan proved to the scene of 'The Seven Year Itch'. Although it has nothing to do with the original scene of this, is that for me the girl who left the Disney factory was never my cup of tea ...


And this past February we saw Michelle Williams got fully into the role of the actress 'My Week With Marilyn'. Just seeing a picture we see the striking resemblance is more than we could say that quite a feat achieved: to revive the spirit of Monroe.


What scene reminds you of her? I'll stick with the pink dress in 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes'. I love it!

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