Thursday, August 30, 2012

Armani Jeans Autumn-Winter 2012/2013: if I feel like it ... I'll take it all!


As sincerity is something that characterizes me and I always say what I think (sometimes I hold), will I have to confess something: Armani Jeans is a signature for that sigh. Not for nothing, but that touch so Italian is not something I'm passionate about. So I was surprised to fall in love with their new catalog featuring Bambi Northwood. The photos are spectacular, it still more, and makes me want to set the same dress.


Like fashion patterned much, much, much? Then invest in a black shirt and white: there will agree with many on the street.


Get a casual and simple look is easy if you have the key pieces. One is the typical sweatshirt (or jersey) oversize at first glance does not say anything, but when you wear ... Wham! You fall in love.


The houndstooth blazers and leather jackets have a special section in this new collection. I like how they feel, but I do not know if they will cherish function in the month of December ...




And although the markers themselves are a garment that takes away the cold in the hardest months of the year, I say no to white model black stamped motif. Although everyone knows that everyone likes ... The colors!


And while this black dress could be used either for the summer, with good tights can get you out of more than a pinch. That's right: you combine it as you like. Boots, heels or ballerinas. What option will you choose?


What do you think the result of this campaign?

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