Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Azealia Banks is the new young woman in Alexander Wang


Azealia Banks is one of the singers of current fashion. With '2 '12 'was generated a few fans worldwide and in 2012 was expected to this big explosion. So far this has been very smooth in quality with the mixtape Fantasea underarm. To debuts in September and hopefully improve long. Meanwhile, Alexander Wang knows it as linked to brand image.

Alexander Wang goes from Die Antwoord as striking image for subfirma T to Azealia Banks. A change that talks about how the brand seeks to link the public and modern.

Wang knows what the hype in the first person, as their growth has been based on that, so he joins artists (Diplo and Santigold above) whose rise to the general public is about. An interesting tactic.

Daniel Jackson gets behind the video and Azealia Banks sings' Van Vogue. She's hot and has an image appropriate to the firm. Everyone is happy.

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