Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bershka Autumn-Winter season 2012/2013: the change is just perceptible


In a week filled with new campaigns for Fall-Winter 2012/2013 today we talk about Bershka, that for this new season has been renewed. And how! Any change is good and it seems that the decision to change of scene they are reporting good results. Or so I think I saw the new collection and its images.

Since the signature itself ensures that prices will not rise, although the quality of the garments is greatly improved. Tacks flood denim jackets, pants and vests leg skin where make a difference is important.


Yes, this jacket is great and just look forward to coming to shop and try it on ... keep her?


And change is evident not only in clothing but in the choice of models and the photographer. The man chosen to carry out this campaign was The Cobra Snake. Does not it sound? Time to time in the United States is the best. And this young man is dedicated to taking snapshots of celebrities while they are having fun from party to party.


As with every rule there is an exception that confirms it, I must say that white fur vest with the shepherd of Bethlehem not convinced. Although it is well known: to taste the colors.


So does this jacket with long sleeves. The same concept and same reaction does not fit me.


When I was a couple of months at a press presentation of this new collection I was clear about one thing: the shoes of this season I was going to buy all of this firm. And the quality is good, the models are great and unbeatable price. A Bug? More than one go dressed as, you know!


And yes, low-cost firm does not miss the opportunity to clone the renewed Bekket Isabel Marant. ¿Satisfy our desire to show off the original model?


What do you think of this new strategy of the firm?

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