Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Blogger power: Garance Doré collection for Kate Spade

My love affair with Kate Spade began many years ago. Newcomer to New York, his shop, along with Anna Sui epató me as few, his style, his campaigns and his wife. Coincidentally, I met her designer line Jack Spade man, Tim Farah, vice president at Club Monaco after, I visited their offices and precious and naive to know further and crush teenager became mature and faithful love for the firm. Thus its latest cause me pleasantly surprised ...

His latest collaboration comes on the heels of the blogger Garance Doré, whose illustrations have been included in clothing, jewelry and even handbags. The result is seen as naive as a line of them, as his style girly and pretty, you can not say anything else.

This collaboration has made me want to explore a bit more fashion. Kate Spade They really know what are doing and helped me pick the characters for the prints and how to position them - it's harder than it looks

Will you talk to her own line of ... something?

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