Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cara Delevigne, elected as the new model Zara TRF. Every day they do best!


We continue with the presentation of new campaigns, and if we did yesterday with Zara today plays the young version: Zara TRF . Yes, every day I feel younger even if you birthday. Overall I identify more with the clothes we proposed from TRF . Fashion at the best price, what more can we ask in times of crisis? And on top shows him Delvigne face, the better.

Like the new Autumn-Winter 2012/2013 of Zara, the images are made ​​in black and white. Yes, visually looks great but can not see the colors of the garments and their quality. A pity! We must wait.


Again the black once again the protagonist in a campaign where darkness and night are the leitmotif.


How could it be otherwise, we see trends that are going to bring this new season. Obviously, the military style so you can not miss looks like nobody Face jacket with a military air. What do you think?


And if the issue of shelters or are not convinced of that wants to be the first to bring anything new without asarte by the way, you can opt for the blazer. Which do you prefer?


Young girls hard up, at my age I do not remember so glam collections, fresh and ideals.


Which of the two you stay?

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