Thursday, August 30, 2012

Carine Roitfeld and the secret of her look tired and dirty

I've always produced cial aesthetics repair facial makeup of Carine Roitfeld. That khol run, this darkening mascara eyes not so lush and the black shadow at a certain age, does not favor as much. Clearly I'm wrong, is not only chachi, now also marketed.

And it is under the umbrella of one of the largest cosmetic companies, MAC , Champion of modernity and vanguard. What is being done viejuna one: the basics of makeup line for Carine Roitfeld MAC are smoky eyeshadow, black masks and nail polish called Red Underfire. eye pencils, eyebrow pencils, brushes and foundations complete the set which will be released on September 6 and joined the Anna Dello Russo collection for H & M rise to stardom to the ego-publishers.

Ahumada black and I am left to wonder to hear some of the tips that Roitfeld brings in his video presentation of the line:

No problem with you sleeping with the mask on, so when you wake up your eyes seem tired but sexy wearily.

Read to believe.

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