Thursday, August 2, 2012

Celebrities, holidays, Olympics and many gossip

kristen stewart

No doubt the story of the week in this new summary Poprosa a person is marked by Kristen Stewart to have caught on that caring attitude with the director of his latest film, which has made ​​the world of gossip is put into warpath. So let's start with it this new review has so many crumbs and you can not miss ...

The drama of the moment has a name: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinsson


No doubt the subject of these two is generating buzz everything under the sun, is it about public horns ...

And couples is the thing ...


Yes, we continue with more news of lovebirds ...

Journals, how we like each

victoria beckham glamor

Magazines fresh!

Olympics , Much to talk about

gasol Olympics

Of course you have given us a lot of play, nothing more than what you see ...

And so far this new look at the best of Poprosa. Enjoy the summer.

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