Friday, August 3, 2012

Cloned and caught, hiding your eyes behind those sunglasses models


I do not usually party to show clones of sunglasses. With the eyes do not play and I am of those who prefer to pay a bit more to get good crystals in my mounts. But the truth is that lately sunglasses have become a luxury accessory, and is common to find models that can easily exceed 250 euros. That's why today I bring several models of Pull and Bear inspired by the big firms. Yes, the glasses are good (though there are obviously better).

And if there's a brand I love and got me mad are the Persol sunglasses. All celebrities have surrendered to it and I would do it not because their models are really expensive. So when I saw the low-cost firm was inspired by his legendary model thought Yes! Now I can have my version.

Although for the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer. It is true that your price is not outrageous, but the model of Pull and Bear with yellow pin over to convince me. For once I prefer the original clone, do you feel the same?


What model do you prefer?

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