Friday, August 31, 2012

Cloned and plundered: inspiration from others


Sometimes we find amazing and shameless clones. Sometimes we can not qualify as such, and we talk about inspirations: either because the buckles are placed elsewhere, because the shape is a little different, or they just take the original base. This is what happens with these boots that are already found in Zara and who base model presented in Givenchy Pre-Fall 2012 collection. A type of shoe great for next season and that will delight many of you. But there is more.

A few seasons that launched Alexander Wang booties called Constantine and his days Zara and cloned . This time the model looks like him but not the same: there are variations. However, by color, material and shape I'm still staying with the original, You?


An unprecedented phenomenon

Another level is what we are living with ele effect Isabel Marant and shoes with platform and later called Willow Bekett. this time the clone is signed fledged clothing chain American low-cost Target. And best of all? There are three colors to choose from and cost around 23 euros. What do you think?


You'll have a happy weekend!

In Jared | Cloned and plundered: Nasty Gal, that's cheating!
In Jared | Cloned and plundered: Stomp but without spending much

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