Thursday, August 30, 2012

Eyes that see everything ... Flex your funny and original!


They say all the bad we must take the positive side of things, and I think (a humble opinion) that in this time of crisis in which we are living (and about the live worse than others) are learning to learn and have more. Obviously fashion can not help us overcome this damn pothole, or going to get us out of the troubles that many of you are living. But I found it funny to see how one of the bloggers give an original touch to their clothes and, with this post, I want to start an occasional shy smile.

Man Repeller is a girl who loves me and flips me his personality dares everything and poses in her images so crazy and loud. I admire people like that, and especially when shows like turning a bag into something unique Funny oy, or soda shirt into something different. How? With plastic eyes.


Yes, yes, you read that right. Do you remember these stickers to decorate folders that mimic an eye that was moving? Well, she's at all caught and started to decorate all garments to create a look crazier than ...


You may like it, maybe not, but I thought it was very original and different.

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