Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fashion blogs and 113: the end of summer came, and You will leave

olivia and groom

"The end of summer came, and you will depart" sang the Dynamic Duo and is the best soundtrack for the summer fire. Fashion blogs also dismissed, in its way, summer. We review the latest post of the summer and welcome the new school year.


You have to be a big fan of the blog The Fashiónpedist . Your blog is original, postmodern, with an eccentric point, gambero, fun and full of infinite wisdom. Now dare to interviews and his "victim-muse" was Marina, the musical group and Klaus Kinski. An interview about fashion, music and costumes.


Our partner Di By Dior also dismisses the summer with a protest post, because fashion can also send messages of freedom when you cover their mouths.


Grett Lady teaches us by his peephole Balmain girl, as she says, not a girl any ...


Miss at the beach teaches Olivia Palermo's boyfriend, Johannes Huebl, a handsome but handsome. A better Olivia groom envy the cabinet. In two words: my mother!

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