Monday, August 6, 2012

Four trends of summer to which I have not succumbed. Are you like me?


Do not consider myself a fashion victim, even though I love fashion. But by introducing what trends in me. Although we see in another person and I love it. But then I try it and say do not go, next! This will not seem ridiculous to you and Charlie. So what Puss in Boots with tearful eyes and ears let the garment fall to the girl in the tester and I'm dragging my feet. And is that as much as you like there are fashions that do not go with you, what trends have you resisted? Here are mine.

Neon party

To begin with neon fashion. Look, I love bright colors but not in my day to day. In lesser amounts but still, not my style. I succumbed to a clutch that I found at Zara TRF neon yellow 12'99 euros, but only that. And I bought for the price, it becomes a little more and not even that. Although I see them and zap! I love it.


Where's the cupcake?

Along with fluorine colors pastel shades have been battling to be the stars of the season. And I've gone totally of them. Will my wardrobe is basic and opt for neutral shades like white or navy blue through gray. Bored? Sometimes, but I know that these clothes will last (almost) all life. Although I must admit that I see and I like but mine is a little voice inside me screams cheesy are you?.


Miss Peplum

I love seeing Gossip Girl and her costumes. I fall in love every day with the looks of Serena and Blair. That's why I hate not getting along with fashion peplum, because I love enfundarme a dress of this trend, some infinite heels and walk around the city. Although New York I stay away. But when I see the dress I tell you to buy the garment.'s Going to get into the closet and never come out of there. That's a waste of money. And as if it were an electric shock left the dress / top / skirt of a sudden.


Craze for tie dye

I love ele effect faded but now I fall I have nothing in my closet to continue this trend. Will not hit as hard as you thought or simply I do not have so much attention as I thought.


And you, what trends have you closed the door?

Photos | After DRK , Gary Pepper , The Blonde Salad , Luxury Living , 1 seat for my bag
In Jared | pants I want to moles! Do not you?
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