Thursday, August 30, 2012

Gossip-ideas: know the most glamorous on the beach

How difficult it is to go to the beach mona. Or you spend or not arrive, if you're perfect, you're uncomfortable, and if you go for the shorts and shirt relieved, you will be a plus. Here we discuss how to dress to go to the beach, pool or day setting and look fresh from the set of our favorite series.


To emulate but Shakira Gypsy dance. Serena gives us the keys: wavy hair with wet effect, a maxi polka dot sarong tied around the hips and a denim jacket. The gipsy touch it rematarás with ethnic accessories.

When hair

We know that the headbands and scarves to Blair's head are his fetish accessory. We can use as the best way to protect us from the discomfort of the wind on the beach. The dress 50s longer an option, also recommended, but perhaps not as comfortable.

I love pamela

Nothing more a sophisticated beach look with a pamela round sunglasses. This one is my accessory fetish: the raffia find them cheap and you will prevent wrinkles in the future, by the sun. A natural color will go well with your entire wardrobe.


Use the summer stone, coral. By color sits like a charm and is tanned the perfect stone to look at the sun, nor too sophisticated or expensive jewelry.

Up and down

Max mix
Uncoordinated garments, the top not the bottom case with both your bikini as you wear outer garments.

Chic and casual

Give a chic touch to your gown with a rich fabric like silk. Join her ethnic flat sandals and casual as to not look out of place.

Effect wet

And when you leave the beach to go to the snack bar to take the afternoon cocktail, wet your hair, some gel aplícale wet effect and have the best hairstyle to show off at night. Want more ideas of the best hairstyles made ​​by the bloggers?

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