Thursday, August 30, 2012

Holiday Return: surprise! Imitate Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is to be the champion of glamor well understood. His mania for MC, the look of Vegas and the peroxide blond does more harm than good but sometimes hit and this seems to be one of them. What we return from vacation is depressed? Let's do it like a star.

We can play at being a diva, even our house blend of bohemian and fashionista. All part of a beautiful dress of tables whose tone bicolor provides the difference. Its length is as comfortable (and warm on a plane) and allows us to look flat sandal as comfortable without being seen.

The pamela, raffia that is, the point just to look more casual setting and misplaced and lost us look so dizzy dad's yacht. That and maxigrandes glasses and we have it. Maybe back in Cadiz and aircraft private jet to China, like her, but the look will be just perfect.

In Jared | How to be chic on the beach and not wrecked in the attempt, by Paula Echevarría

In Jared | Diane Kruger and Jessica Alba auestan by electric blue

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