Thursday, August 2, 2012

How about in August to see the shops full of winter clothes?, The question of the week

Jared replies

Fashion lives at a rapid pace. The shops anticipate growing seasons, filling shelves bikinis and bathing suits when the street is virtually snow and putting sweaters and winter coats in the middle of August, with 40 degrees in the shade. Do you like so early? ¿You buy clothes fall-winter before the season starts? That is the question of the week:

How about in August to see the shops full of winter clothes?

Remember that the comments in question are Jared Answers, not in this post.

I acknowledge that some ground itch, but then two or three months late in releasing the garment until it begins to make the climate for that is designed, but I hate to want to look for a coat in December and we hardly are. What think you? Comments in Jared Responses .

The question last week

What did you get for thinking these cuts for next fall?

Among the responses, we see that you have bought very well, basic clothing and wardrobe, and many after already thinking about next fall season.

Goggh tells us that:

A jersey V neck, 2 jeans (one black and one normal), a beige trench coat and two dresses because I start work in autumn and will not have uniform. Still have not lost hope of finding some pair of good shoes, nice and cheap in the sales ;)

While Pumukina have chosen something more fancy:

Cowboy boots ... so long behind them ... in street tanners for all fan of cowboy boots!

In Jared | What have you purchased during these reductions thinking about next fall?, the question of the week

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