Sunday, August 5, 2012

How? ¿Bash in Gossip Girl? Do not miss it, and Serena and Blair, let alone

blair waldorf party

Our girls of Gossip Girl cast is not closed for holidays. Middle of August and that they are working hard on the set of the sixth and final season of more fashionista with permission from Sex and the City. And of course, continue with your life full of parties, luxury, love and indifference. So there we have it, Blair and Serena wearing heels modelazos and category. Incidentally, there is an incorporation of it-a very famous girl in the shooting, you know who it is?

Nothing less than Alexa Chung! I look forward to seeing the girls. For now, Blair continues true to form with a flowing lady dress with pink flowers and a bold zebra-print pumps. And Serena still looks sophisticated and sexy in black and yellow.

serena party

What surprises me is that always conjoined to the millimeter Upper East Side girls repeat shoes, they are very cute and yellow snake print.

Gossip Girl Blake

What does not seem so strange is that in the rest forget the heels and opt for the sandals. Relief for your feet!

blake lively sandals

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