Friday, August 31, 2012

How bloggers dress for Notting Hill carnival?

These days have taken place in London's Notting Hill Carnival. If one decides to take a year off going from party to party in the world, this would be one of the chosen along with New Year's Eve in Times Square or the Oktoberfest. How to look for that day?

Guy stuff

We dress our casual look, do not bother us throughout the party with male touches. Outside heels up about oxford, vest male! and a bowler??

A little Annie Hall

A long dress as comfortable and a touch-tone maxiblazer contrasted with a wide-brimmed hat and led the way to the photo, but no draft back.

Like a prayer

Comfortable, very proper London and Cloe's look reminiscent of Madonna Like a Prayer with crucifixes and its esoteric mix and Gothic. The torn stockings is your choice.

We are mods

Anyone who has seen Quadrophenia know perfectly the headlines scream that this image. They were mods and shouted in front of the police and especially the rockers. A very handy costume and fashion: get yourself an A line dress ...
Round glasses, the great Baroque manoletinas Prada and a flat you'll find any low cost shop.

The 80 are our

Among Madonna, Boy George and Pat Benatar. This look is moved between them for several reasons: the bodice, leggings and hair. It is a difficult style but if your taste, a look like this is perfect to go to a carnival without seeming disguise.

Photos | La vie et mademoiselle , Tatitta , Mary Kate , Cloeting , Ftbh , Im Sony

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