Friday, August 3, 2012

In the realm of bloggers, who deserves to stand out above all?


It happened again: Almost a year after we return to the same post but with different content . And is that from year to year change and new faces bloggers flood our computer screens. Some follow them out of curiosity, others because we like their style and do not identify with them, and others simply because we like what we see but their blends are impossible. But all have one thing in common: the blogging world succeed. Which of these renovated faces you stay?

Making a difference

Sometimes being different is what's hot. And that I think about every day to see the star of Villeroy Jou Jou. And we could not define his style in one word. First we might call it bold and brave: not afraid to try anything and everything. Although at first glance the whole of kicks.


Second, the rate of fun. Because if you have no sense of humor can not wear a jersey like yours: where a kind of female Bugs Bunny takes center stage.


Being a blogger does not mean always be dressed in expensive clothes and luxury (which most often is). It also means low-cost clothes look like every street girl. Example? This lilac dress H & M.


Although what I like about it is when he dares to looks dandy: boyfriend jeans and slippers. Do you like?


Madness and freshness in one place

I love it. I'm a fan of The Man Repeller and his style is different catches my attention. It is true that if one day I go out with one of her outfits people look at me strangely and may end the day in a psychiatric facility. But this is not USA and here (yet) people look at you.


The best part? I am in love with this outfit and I saw that the pants are from Zara ... and are discounted to today! So, again, I return to crave to go to the store to get myself one of them and emulate its look.


Layers and layers of clothing which onion is uncovered. But it takes so stylish that everything fits. Who cares that wear a skirt over jeans?


Although sometimes brings out the girl inside (more if possible) and surprises us with looks so romantic and simple as this. Do not you think adorable? Of course, it should be practiced in facial expression ...


An Upper East Sider

It could be one of the stars of Gossip Girl Blair Waldorf's squad, but no. She lives in California and Atlantic Pacific. Their style is classic, which is not the same as boring.


Does your crap shoot? Supplements and although sometimes great other times it is too much. Yet his style is perfect.


Although sometimes surprises with an entry where the classic is not anywhere. Sometimes this girl reminds me of Olivia Palermo makes exaggerated and extravagant clothes become something simple and easy to carry.


But if you follow your blog daily you will notice that the style he likes best is the ladylike: pencil skirts or dresses with puffy skirts and structured reign in your closet.


The pretty girl

Tuula. Or what is the same Jessica Stein. This infinite legged blonde makes your day to day is full of style, savoir faire and good taste. How? With simple garments that can persist for years in our closets.


Sometimes gives ideas to go to the office and be the center of attention (in a good sense of the word). However, to a working day the length of the skirt is probably a little more visible.


What is more we use the garment in warm weather and sunshine? Shorts, of course! Yes, more and more those who prefer this piece to clothing. What do you think your combination?


But if there is an outfit I love about her is that where a sexy dress and black lace full set feels great with a biker style leather jacket.


And you, who do you think deserves to be crowned the best?

Photos | Jou Jou Villeroy , Atlantic Pacific , Man Repeller , Tuula
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