Saturday, August 4, 2012

Living with style: the weekly schedule of Jared 45

Trevi Fountain

August is synonymous with holidays for most people. Everyone flees the city, no matter the destination: the beach, driving or cultural visits we shutting off for a few days. Rome is usually one of the favorite destinations of tourists. As a tradition, everyone throws a coin into the Trevi Fountain to return to the Eternal City. But you know how much money falls per year in the Fountain?

No less than 540,000 euros in six months . More than a million euros a year. With that yes we could hit a good holiday. The destination, any of what we recommend the Traveler's Journal .

Holidays are also a good time to pick up one of the habits we leave in our daily routine because of the lack of time reading. In White Paper can know the latest news. Lately it has become fashionable thanks to the erotic genre Fifty shades of Grey, a real blockbuster sales. So in a publishing house have been made ​​to review the great classics of erotic literature in code . What do you think?

jane eyre

If you work in August to go on vacation in September and your destination is Paris this summer, you can not miss the exhibition dedicated to Chloe, Attitudes, on the occasion of its sixtieth anniversary, an exhibition and we recommend at Jared.

chloe karl

On holidays that are much advantage to do some odd jobs at home, decorating a room that is missing or make changes to the rooms of the smaller, growing at full speed. If you are someone who likes you redecorate your life in summer, check out the new Ikea catalog dedicated to children .

ikea kids bedroom

Another good summer plan for our figure and our health is to do some exercise and outdoor fun . Exercises such as shovels for the beach (ideal for playing on the beaches of the Cantabrian Sea at low tide) or rubber bands do not take up much room in your luggage and keep us with a good sports routine during the holidays.

beach shovels

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