Thursday, August 2, 2012

Make way for the new collections! What you will fall in love?


The rebates are no longer a novelty, and although just yesterday we started the month of August (beginning of many summer holidays) the shops are full of what we're going to wear this Fall-Winter 2012/2013. But these days always good because we find new pieces that can take advantage now. I call them the garments of transition, and you know what? I love them!

Will I'm tired of seeing always the same: no one has bought dresses throughout the season and will not disappear because the euro sold at 19'90, shoes that are no longer parts trend or too risky. That's why when I see something new ... Wham! I followed him, because otherwise never see it. And the same happens to me with this cute short where the role is in the back . Is not this absolutely fabulous?

On the trail of blue klein

The electric blue or klein will be one of the most popular colors for this season. And if you want a dress to go to the office or simply those who live in your closet for many seasons in a row, you can opt for these models. Which do you stay?


Want a jacket?

I love tweed jackets, but I never know when you wear them. And that house is too much for the era in which we live now, but if you lose a little longer do its job in the winter due to low temperatures. So if you want one you should know that the best time is spring and fall use.


Considering a visit online at these stores?

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