Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pronovias Campaign 2013: a dress and a boyfriend and I have it like this (almost) everything


I have never raised the married. I suppose it's because I have not found one that makes me feel special because it overwhelms me being the center of attention on such an important day or just because I am a rebel. But I like noticing the clothes that take you to the altar: the encounter spectacular (but too expensive to be used only once). And that feeling has resurfaced me today to see the new Pronovias 2013 campaign.

Yes, Manuel Mota dress a bride knows (and their guests) with delicate and elaborate make this day unique. None of the models goes with my personality, but I must admit that she, the bride (Emily Didonato in this case), this extremely amazing. And is that the dresses shown will feel like a glove.


I do not know if I'll get married someday, but if I do finally believe that this firm will be present in my quest for perfect dress.

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