Friday, August 3, 2012

Putting a little soundtrack to your holiday ... Enjoy!

Today is, for many, the beginning of a long and rewarding vacation. Many have chosen destinations short, others will be lost paradisiacal beaches, and many others will stay home. And I want to brighten the day of all three songs that fill me with vitality and, most importantly, I get a smile XXL in the face. For the important thing is that the holiday sound good ...

So wake up with joy and vitality that there is only one life and we must take full advantage. So get in the shower, prepare breakfast starts suitcase or a rate of Wham! And 'Wake me up'. Who plays him? Neither more nor less than the drafting of Vogue Paris and the best models of the moment ...

And we continue with these and my favorite song "Girls just want to have fun" Cindy Lauper. Do you recognize? Yes, they are the girls of Victoria's Secret (with Derek Blasberg a spontaneous). The video is just perfect (like them) and me only makes me want to dance in the streets of New York.

Rebecca Minkoff, Hilary Rhoda and The Man Repeller. It could be the beginning of a joke but no. It's the last song (of the moment and everyone wants to upload your own internet version). Yes we speak of 'Call me maybe'.

With the iPod charged and locked suitcases I can only say one thing: Happy Holidays 2012! Enjoy them are worth it because you only live once and the damn crisis can not end most importantly, us.

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