Thursday, August 30, 2012

Scandal! Nicole Kidman "Eyes Wide Shut" to your new home

V magazine has released its latest cover and scandal flows through the network. Thanks to the magazine, not the image, we know that Nicole Kidman is portrayed. Thanks to V for saving minutes and hours just looking at the picture to find out.

One wants to think that has not gone topless carca and that LF and those legs covered by a mini for a girl of 10 years, are in receipt. Nicole had never looked in this manner and the architect is, yes, surprise, Mario Testino.
I guess it's all due to the character poussin of his latest film The Paperboy (yet to premiere), better known now as the film in which Kidman urine on actor Zac Efron. It is difficult to determine whether or borders on bad taste is bad taste directly. It all depends, in my opinion, of this paper. If not, what need have you Nicole?

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