Monday, August 6, 2012

Start a Monday with style ... Priceless


We start again on Monday. For many the beginning of the holiday, for others to these, and elsewhere (where I get into the group) on Monday ordinary work. What can you do! As things stand we have to acknowledge the work so I try not to complain and distract myself with outfits as great as we bring these girls today. Long dresses, short shorts or pants suit in XXL and fluffy. What style do you prefer? I? With each and every one of them!


And is that a good start on a Monday is very important: it will condition the rest of the week. If you take the wrong foot, this ominous crawl the following days. If you start with optimism it will accumulate and you will spend the days flying. So do not hesitate and think positive: life is viewed from another perspective.


I am one who likes to mix styles, especially if they at first take to kill. That's why I love the outfits we see a dress 'good girl' combined with biker boots. Yes! To which I can throw myself with my version, what about you?


From day black and obfuscated?

As already mentioned, there are bad days. To do so do not worry, tackle the day with style and if you want ... black in color. For the clothes in this color also worthwhile, especially if they are based on dressed as ideal as this. I want one like it!


And just keep it simple and ladylike finish model chooses a smooth and unremarkable at first sight: come out winning.


And you, how can you start Monday?

Photos | Tickled Pink , Bartabac , Josie Loves , Gary Pepper , Harper & Harley , Drummer Cristina
In Jared | Start with right foot holiday inspiration from them
In Jared | Achieve a similar look thanks to the sales ... And very soon!

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